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Bring Out The Best In You

Updated: Oct 25, 2019


“I’m just having a bad day.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people mutter those words (or muttered them myself).

Maybe the faucet is dripping in the kitchen, your kids are acting up, your spouse is cranky, your boss is in a bad mood or the car is making that noise again. Any one of those challenges can test our temperament, pollute our perspective, or hijack our joy. “Tomorrow will be better”,we say, subconsciously waving the white flag of surrender on today.

Are you’ve ever given up today, waiting for tomorrow? You see, I don’t believe for one moment that you have to go through life held hostage by your circumstances. If you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you have the Spirit of God within you. Peace, joy, strength, patience… it’s all yours in Christ. It’s now up to you how you handle the situation. And in this month’s article we will show you exactly how you can change your perspective.

First John 4:4 says, …He Who lives in you is greater (mightier) than he who is in the world. It’s not about what happens around youit’s about what is happening in you and I am thrilled to tell you that you don’t have to just settle for a bad day! There are many things you can choose to do that will make your day better. Here are just a few tips to show you how.


Let’s do a little exercise together. It’s going to require some imagination on your part. We’ll call it “The What If Story…”

What if you grew up in the middle of the United States, somewhere like Lawton, Oklahoma, and your dream was to live by the ocean, to breathe in the salty air, let sand sink between your toes, feast on fresh seafood and incredible scenic views. So you decided: I’m going for it! I’m going to follow my dream!

You make the necessary arrangements. Your friends all come over and help you pack. You’re on your way to the ocean. But as you drive away, you begin to dread moving such a long distance from home. And as you pass by the Mississippi River, you think: It’s not the ocean, but it’s nice. I’ll just settle here.

Here’s the life-lesson I want you to understand: Mediocrity is the midway point between two destinations. And anytime you set out for the ocean but settle for a river, you’re missing out.


If you came home today to find your house had been infested with insects, I’m talking about large, disgusting, germ-carrying bugs, what would you do? Would you coexist with the gross insects? Or would you take steps to eradicate them?

I can tell you right now…I would take immediate and aggressive action.

You know, it’s interesting: We will go to great lengths to rid our homes of harmful, disgusting pests and yet we will allow our lives to be full of harmful, disgusting patterns. Why is that?

I want you to get this picture in your mind: dread, fear, anxiety, stress and worry—these are the emotional insects that are scurrying around the corners of our souls. Like bugs, these feelings of worry are unhealthy, unsightly and they prefer the darkness. Rather than co-existing with worry and anxiety, or just hoping they will go away, we should take immediate and aggressive action. We should say emphatically, “There is no way I’m going to allow my life to be overrun by worry!”

And just make a choice to change your thinking and start speaking the truth! Declare war over worry with the truth of the Word of God!


When we are not having a great day ourselves, we rarely feel like helping someone else. Our tendency is to focus on ourselves, and that is actually the worst thing we can do because it increases our misery instead of eliminating it. Here’s an example I think you’ll understand.

What is the best part of Christmas morning or a birthday celebration? It’s not when you get to open your presents (as nice as that may be). The best part is when you watch with anticipation as the people in your life open the gifts you’ve given them. There is just something wonderful about seeing the joy your gift brings to their faces.

Well, you can experience that feeling of joy and satisfaction more than one or two times a year. You can experience it every day! When you decide to help others, you’re not only going to improve their lives, you’re going to improve your own.


Another way to make every day better is to start dreaming again. Ephesians 3:20 says that God, who is at work within us, can do far more than we would dare to ask or think! I encourage you to dream big, bold, faith-filled dreams for your life. Dream about what the future can hold. Dream about the things you can accomplish with God’s help. Dream about the exciting, adventurous things He has in store!

Get out your journey, start writing and dream again!


How can this help you if you’re having a bad day? It’s possible that when you woke up this morning, what you saw was unfinished projects, and you became discouraged. But you can be a “Finisher”—someone who will finish what they start, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is. Whatever it is that you are working on, or dreaming about, your life will be so much better if you will determine to see it all the way through.

Have a blessed and productive day!


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