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FLWO Health and Wellness Services are offering classes, seminars, and events by well-rounded professionals who will educate you on how to take care of your body by your nutrition choices, meal-planning, meal-prepping, and much more.

They will educate you on how your mental state affects your physical and emotional well-being.

We have physical trainers who will teach you how to create a fitness plan and transform your body through your dedication. Our team of professionals demonstrates unparalleled compassion and commitment to those we serve.

We believe that every person can thrive in life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We believe each of us is designed by our creator for a purpose; however, life's stressors often prevent us from living out our purpose and passion. We believe that a transformed life of purpose and passion is created by equipping us with the tools and resources to make the best decisions for our health and vitality.

We have well-rounded professionals to help transform lives throughout Southwest Oklahoma and the culture of generations to come.

Together, we help bring Wellness symposiums that feature a message of Truth in Love regarding the best practices in Food, Movement, and Lifestyle Medicine. We work together to get the news about health, where people live longer, healthier lives, and ways to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. We share a commitment to our community's people to create a happier and healthier culture for future generations.

For more info about our Health and Wellness Services, feel free to contact our office at

580-991-0200 or email us at

Spa and Wellness
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