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Meet our Vice-President,
Clinical Psychologist and Theologist
Dr. Keith Miles

Dr. Keith Miles was born and raised in a small town in South Central Missouri. He married his high school sweetheart, Roxanne, and they have been blessed with two sons. Family is, and always has been, an important priority to the Miles’.


Dr. Miles is an Army Veteran, holds Terminal (Ph.D.) degrees in Psychology and Theology, and has been a counseling facilitator for over thirty years. He has been a radio and television personality as well as an accomplished author, teacher, and in-demand motivational speaker. Dr. Miles has traveled extensively, teaching and training professionals domestically and in more than seventy countries around the world.


Among his many worthwhile endeavors, Dr. Miles is the Vice-President of the FLWO (Fully Loaded Women’s Organization), an organization dedicated to meeting the needs, physically, emotionally, nutritionally, and educationally, of women. Dr. Miles has helped to incorporate several programs, such as Freedom Finders. Freedom Finders is a series of seminar classes addressing subjects such as “How to Handle Anxiety” or “Overcoming Depression,” etc. Dr. Miles has also produced several videos to help with anger, anxiety, Depression, Guilt, and other essential subjects.


Dr. Miles has been a guest speaker for the “Thrive Conference,” which brings together thousands of women and men to hear various speakers and learn how to be “Overcomers” in their personal and relational lives.


Dr. Miles is a great advocate for the marriage relationship and has conducted numerous marriage seminars, domestically and abroad, designed to strengthen and bond couples together.


Dr. Miles’ philosophy for life can best be summarized in one word – “EXPECT!” Expect the best, the positive, and the blessed.

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Daybreak Moments

Encouraging morning messages.

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Upcoming Classes

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Freedom Finders

“Freedom Finders” is a custom designed program for anyone, who suffers from depression, worry, anxiety, fear, anger, loneliness, disappointments, grief or experiencing any other mental and emotional difficulties.

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