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Monica Witherspoon

Monica Witherspoon

FLWO Board member and LPC

“I truly believe we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Monica Witherspoon is a Licensed Professional Counselor  (LPC) with an M.A. in Human Relations specializing in Clinical Mental Health, whose greatest joy is in helping people shed their distorted images and find whom God created them to be. With an arsenal of God-given wisdom, and spiritual and practical support, Monica gives her clients effective therapy and the opportunity to develop what they need to succeed.

She has been engaged in the “helping profession” not only through counseling but also in the area of Spiritual Healing for over 17 years. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Monica has experience helping individuals, couples, and families with issues related to marriage, loss, depression, anxiety, communication, and parenting issues. Her particular interest includes assisting young women and teens in recognizing their worth.

Monica believes that every woman is gifted and beautiful; however, we all need Godly wisdom and a compassionate mentor to help “point to the image God sees.” Outside of her office hours, Mrs. Witherspoon spends the majority of her time with her husband of 37 years and her extensive family. She is active in her church and sees mentoring as an essential aspect of her ministry.

If you like to get in contact with her, please call our office at 580-991-0200 or email us at

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