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Where you can find the pathway to your freedom from anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional challenges!

Fully Loaded Women's Organization "Freedom Finders" is a custom-designed program for anyone, who suffers from depression, worry, anxiety, fear, anger, loneliness, disappointments, grief, or experiencing any other mental and emotional difficulties.

Stella Maxwell and Dr. Keith Miles, who is a licensed and experienced  Clinical psychologist, and Counselor, will be leading this program!

We will host the "Freedom Finders" program through various avenues to give everybody a chance to participate, learn, and be empowered to experience freedom!


We will host online Zoom Chats, Video/Audio Podcasts, and post Video Sessions on Facebook, YouTube, and our website, which will help you understand how to overcome and conquer those fears, feelings, and emotions through very practical ways.

We will equip you with the highest quality and the best tools to walk towards your freedom.

Below you will find our video sessions, our booklet that will help you with practical examples towards your freedom, and many other helpful resources from various professionals that will equip you to thrive.

 If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment or message us at any time.


Ladies and gentlemen, get your notebooks, pencils, and your questions ready, and let's get ready to be FREE INDEED.

If you have any questions concerning our upcoming classes or need guidance, please call our office at 580-991-0200 or email us at

If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger - don't use this site. These resources can provide you with immediate help.