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Maria Esther Parraga-Shahan 
Health & Wellness Coach 

Maria is a is the founder and CEO of Life Matters.

She is a certified wellness and transformational
coach and speaker. She holds a BA in Human Resources and uses her years
creating and facilitating training and development programs as a foundation for her
work in empowering people to change their lives.

Additionally, she is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from IIN, a certified
Cancer Exercise Specialist, an Access Bars practitioner, as well as a graduate of the
Holistic Nutrition Lab under the direction of Andrea Nakayama. She has extensive
training in other coaching models and alternative therapies.

Maria has dedicated herself to working with women and men who have survived
loss, divorce, sickness, and other life crises. One of the results of this work is the
development of a comprehensive survivorship program, created specifically for
female cancer survivors.

Through Life Matters, Maria teaches women and men how to re-contextualize
challenges as opportunities to achieve stability, enhance self-esteem and improve
the overall quality of life. By focusing on mindfulness and consciousness as tools, you
can generate the reality you want.

Maria is also the author of the self-published book Life Matters for Survivors: A GPS
to Help Navigate the Waters of Survivorship. The book is also available in Spanish,
Cuestión de Vida para Sobrevivientes.

She is married to Kim Wayne Shahan, founder of Vision of Hope, Inc. Through this
organization, they both perform ministerially and missionary work in the United States
and in Central and South America.

Contact. Connect. Collaborate

For speaking engagement, coaching services, and programs

Follow me on Social Media @mariaestherparraga

or call 580-991-0200

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