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Spring is here!

To say the Americans is ready for spring is an understatement. After the last few weeks of snowstorms and lawns covered in snow that refuses to melt, the first day of spring is a welcome occasion. Many may find this season to be a motivator for change, as the sunshine and warmer weather tends to us and inspire action. Whether that action is for physical health, mental health, or for reconnecting with friends and family, springtime will undoubtedly improve overall mood and energies.

Spring cleaning

We’re sure you’ve been anticipating a thorough house/garage cleaning after the long winter months concluded. While this may seem like a laborious chore, tidying up your living space will make your home and mind feel clearer. Just as organizing your home will make spaces feel larger and cleaner, this act will have a similar effect on your mental health. Clearing clutter and putting your things where they belong and out of your path will help you clear your mind and check items off your mental checklist.

Go green

Have you been surviving on soups and comfort food this winter? Try swapping these out for lighter dishes that better reflect the new season, like salads or fish. The greenery that is starting to emerge around you may inspire you to add green foods into your diet more often. The farmers’ markets will feel more inviting when the sun is shining, or if you have a green thumb, you can get back to your garden for your own fresh vegetables and herbs.

Get out!

It probably feels more achievable to start an exercise regimen in the sunny springtime than in the cold, dark winter. Some say springtime is the real new year, and some people find their exercise resolutions easier to stick to in March, April and May. Runners will enjoy getting back outside for their jogs; but if you prefer other forms of exercise, try a bike ride on one of Rhode Island’s bike paths or gather some friends for a game of tennis at your local court.

Be mindful

Spring is a great time to begin a new mindfulness exercise. This doesn’t have to mean full meditation—we know how difficult a clear state of mind is to achieve. Consider a quiet activity on which you can focus your mind solely, such as art, yoga, or journaling. Any activity that relaxes you and allows you to quiet your mind is a step toward mindfulness.

Reconnect with others

Now that our winter hibernation and the crazy pandemic is almost over, it’s time to re-enter our social lives and make plans with friends and family. Many people prefer staying in during the winter, but the warmer weather may serve as a motivator to get out and be social. Call up a friend you haven’t seen in a while or plan a picnic with your family to reconnect and spend quality time with loved ones.

Treat the first day of spring as a fresh start with these tips. Rediscover health and wellness with the onset of more sunlight and blooming flowers. Happy spring!

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