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When you circle seems small...

I scrolled through image after image online all weekend. So many great writers and speakers were together at an event. They were celebrating, hugging like old friends, and basically enjoying their awesomeness.

They all seem to be part of some super public club with a super-secret admissions process. They’re like the popular kids in high school. I never could quite crack the code. It is just another club to which I don’t belong.

Don’t get me wrong, they are doing wonderful kingdom work. But their work is not my work. And as much as I want to belong with this group of amazing writers and speakers I hear God whispering to be faithful. As much as I may want to be in the big circles of the cool kids, what if He’s calling me to smaller circles? God has always seemed to care more about our faithfulness than our platform. Here are three ways we can be faithful to the people in our small circles:

#1 STOP WISHING THE CIRCLE WAS BIGGER, OR COOLER, OR PRETTIER. In fact, the best thing we can do is stop looking at the other circles altogether. Instead, focus on the circle in front of you. Ask God how you can serve the people He puts in your path. It may seem simple because it is. Watch your circle.

#2 SHOW UP FOR YOUR PEOPLE. This piggybacks off #1. No one wants to be your second choice. Be present with the people who God puts in front of you. Focus fully on them, their needs, and how to best serve them. God never called us to arenas, he called us to people. #3 LOVE WELL. Yes, these work like building blocks. When you stop wishing for a different circle, you are free to be present for your people. When you are present for your people you can see their needs and know how to love them well. Be the person who is known for loving one person well instead of the person who wishes she could love 500 people. Answer their emails, respond to their comments, ask them out for coffee. Know your people and love them well. How can you, as a leader, show up faithfully for the people in your circle today?


Rebecca H.

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