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Quick Encouraging Blog!

Hey there!

I won't be here for long today at all. Promise. I just wanted to share a quick prayer I recently read with you.

Lord, heighten my spiritual senses

to see that which is not visible,

hear that which is not audible,

the sense that which is not tangible,

believe that, which is unbelievable.

Teach me to sort through

the noises of this world,

to hear and discern Your powerful,

wonderful, pure, precious voice.

Oh man, I love that. "…Your powerful, wonderful, pure, precious voice."

Let's make this prayer our daily hearts cry. 

It saddens me just to think that I have gone through many days unaware of God's handy work (the fine details, pristine craftsmanship) or that I can become so busy that I unintentionally block out His voice as He pursues me daily.

Before you go about your busy day today:

  1. Whisper this prayer a few times.

  2. If I've caught you in the middle of your day, give yourself permission to stop and pray this prayer out loud.

  3. Please close your eyes and take it all in for a minute before continuing your day.

He hears you and will answer you. If you've already seen Him at work, if He's responded to your prayer, if your spiritual senses have been heightened, will you share it with us? 

Your words will definitely encourage another!

Many blessings,


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