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Join us for "40-Days Of Prayer" Online

Come and join us for 40-Days Of United Prayer. We will have our prayer meetings online on zoom. You are more than welcome to tune it at 8 pm CST. You have the opportunity to listing, watch and agree or if you feel led you are more than welcome to pray. This gathering is open for all. No matter the background. We are one nation under God! We will come together with one mind, in one accord, with one desire, to see the power of God sweep through our nation and the nations of the world. We are believing for REVIVAL! We are standing in the gap for those who are tormented by fear, panic and anxiety, those who are dealing with health & financial issues and those who are lost. We will dedicate ourselves during this challenging times, to intercede on the behalf of people of the world. NOTE: Spread the word so we can have as many as possible agreeing together for change. Don’t worry: If you can’t join us live, you will be able to replay the video later on in the day here on the our website.

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